What to Expect With Sedation Dentistry

In Ft. Collins, CO sedation dentistry is commonly used on patients who feel a little bit anxious during dental visits. Sedation dentistry is simply the practice of dentistry while the patient is under a mild form of sedative. It’s FDA-approved and is widely used all over the world. Still, if you’ve never had sedation dentistry, you will want to know what you can expect.

Two Types of Sedation Dentistry in Ft. Collins, CO

When a patient wishes to use a sedative for their dental visit, two choices are available; oral sedation and IV sedation. Oral sedation consists of a tablet that is taken before the visit. By the time your dental treatment begins, the oral sedative will have started to work. IV sedation is administered via a small needle. The IV sedative drips into your system slowly and keeps you sedated the entire time of your visit.

Differences Between IV and Oral Sedation

Besides how they are administered, there is another distinguishing difference between these two types of sedation. Oral sedation is very mild. You will be fully aware of your visit and treatment, but you will be completely relaxed, almost like the treatment is happening to someone else. Patients say it is similar to the sleep-awake period before you are fully awake.

IV sedation is a little bit heavier of a sedative. You will be asleep during the treatment, and will only wake up after it’s over. IV sedation dentistry in Ft. Collins, CO is recommended for those with severe dental anxiety.

Sedation dentistry often makes the difference between having healthy teeth and avoiding the dentist so long that serious dental issues arise. If you have any hesitancy about visiting the dentist, chances are that sedation dentistry could be a solution for you.