3 Signs of Trouble After a Tooth Extraction

Just had a tooth extraction in Fort Collins, CO? While this is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures, a tooth extraction does not come without a few risks. Take a look at a few signs that something may be wrong after you have had a tooth pulled at the dentist.

Excessive bleeding

Once your tooth is pulled, there will be some bleeding. However, within a few hours, a blood clot should start to form within the open socket. If the blood clot does not form, you may experience excessive or prolonged bleeding. This issue can lead to a painful situation known as dry socket and should be treated right away.

New pain at the extraction site

It is perfectly normal to have a bit of pain after you get a tooth pulled. For the most part, over-the-counter pain relievers will help soothe the discomfort. However, if you suddenly start to experience some new level of pain, it could be a sign that something is wrong. For example, if you suddenly experience severe pain several hours after extraction or even the next day, you may be dealing with a dry socket.

Pain in the jaw

When a tooth is pulled, the dentist applies pressure to the tooth to dislodge it from the jaw bone. For most people, this procedure does not lead to any further issues with the jaws. However, older patients or those with weakened jawbones may sustain a jaw fracture. This problem most often comes along with pain around the jaws.

Visit a Fort Collins, CO Dentist Right Away

Even though tooth extractions generally heal just fine after the procedure, occasionally, a problem arises and a Fort Collins dentist should take a look. If you suspect something is wrong after getting your tooth pulled, reach out to us at Radiant Dental Health for help.

IV Sedation for Dental Care – Myths & Facts

Considering sedation dentistry in Fort Collins, CO? Be sure you know the facts so you can make the best decision about your dental care. Here is a closer look at a few of the myths associated with IV sedation before dental treatment.

Myth: Most people are not good candidates for IV sedation

IV sedation can be versatile. Different medications can be used, the concentrations can be adjusted, and the anesthesiologist can make sure the treatment is low-risk for pretty much every patient. Occasionally, some patients are not good candidates due to certain medical conditions, but this is actually relatively rare.

Myth: Sedation dentistry can only be done in a hospital

Sedation dentistry does not always have to occur in a hospital setting. The only true requirement is that the procedure is overseen by the proper professionals. Therefore, IV sedation can be done in a dentist’s office.

Myth: You stay asleep for a long time after IV sedation

IV sedation for standard dental treatment is not as intense as it would be for something like surgery. Most patients are semi-conscious throughout the treatment and may not be completely asleep. This is because lower levels of anesthesia are used to induce a state of relaxation. Most patients are awake when the treatment concludes. You may feel a little groggy for a few hours, but you will be ready to go home right after your treatment.

Find Out More About Sedation Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO

For people who have anxiety about dental treatment, sedation dentistry with a Fort Collins, CO dentist can be a lifesaver. Reach out to us at Radiant Dental health to discuss how we can help you get through your next dental appointment perfectly at ease.

3 Fast Facts About Stains on Your Teeth

Ever considered smile whitening in Fort Collins, CO? If so, you are definitely not alone. Smile whitening is easily the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure performed today. The thing is, your teeth can be susceptible to stains, and the rule applies pretty much no matter how well you take care of your smile or what kind of foods you eat. Here are some fast facts you may not know about stains on your teeth.

Not all stains are surface level

Even though stains on your teeth can look like they could easily be scrubbed away, this is not always the case. Discoloration that looks like stains can actually stem from the interior of your teeth. Likewise, teeth are slightly translucent, which means stains on the back of your teeth can be visible from the front.

Acidic intake can have a lot to do with dental stains

The enamel of your teeth is solid, but the enamel can also be eroded by acidic foods. Even certain types of fruit juice, which are otherwise good for the body, can be detrimental to your teeth. When acid erodes the enamel, particles of other foods can settle into your teeth and cause stains.

Tea is more likely to stain your teeth than coffee

This particular fact can come as a surprise to a lot of people. Yes, both tea and coffee can lead to dental stains, but tea is actually far worse because it contains tannins where coffee does not.

Find a Fort Collins, CO Dentist to Help

If you are unhappy with the shade or stains on your teeth, find a Fort Collins, CO dentist to help target the problem with professional teeth whitening services. Reach out to us at Radiant Dental Health to schedule your appointment today.