When Is It Bad Enough to Go to an Emergency Dentist?

If you’re having dental issues outside of standard office hours, you might be wondering if it’s bad enough to contact an emergency dentist. This question isn’t an easy one to answer, especially considering everyone has their own level of pain tolerance. We’ll look at the unequivocal times when you need to see someone — before the problem gets any worse.

Extreme Swelling or Bleeding

Whether it’s bleeding gums or a swollen mouth, it’s important to seek help as either of these issues could indicate a more serious underlying health condition. An emergency dentist in Fort Collins, CO will examine you to determine what kind of treatment you need.

Exposed Nerves

This time-sensitive matter is not only uncomfortable, but it puts you at risk of further nerve damage. Typically, you won’t have to wonder whether or not you need to see a dentist because the pain will be excruciating enough that you won’t need to be convinced.

Knocked-Out or Abscessed Tooth

Believe it or not, if a tooth is knocked out of your mouth, you might still be able to keep it. If your tooth gets knocked out, be sure to keep the tooth, don’t touch the root, and take it to an emergency dentist to see what can be done.

For an abscessed tooth, the situation is a little more complicated. This pus-filled gap is an infection, and it could be life-threatening, so you’ll need to see someone soon before it spreads any further.

Dentists in Fort Collins, CO

If you go to an Emergency Room when you’re in dental pain, you’re likely to be given some general painkillers only. If you’re looking for a dentist in Fort Collins, CO that can treat you, Radiant Dental Health is here for you. Contact us if you have a severe dental issue that can’t wait.

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